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Our client is a young pharmaceutical company who will have to manage many new produts in the near future. They are looking for an Associate, Market Intelligence. The position of Associate, Market Intelligence reports directly to the Director of Marketing. The primary role of this person is to act as the central point of reference for the market data and other qualitative/quantitative assessment tolls, services, programs, reports or information linked to our products and markets. CRM • Upload information from wholesalers / perform order resolution • Provide technical assistance to field relevant to CRM applications • Manage multiple data sets through interactive databases • Liaise with specialized third party providers Quantitative data: • Coordinate, prepare and disseminate key market dynamics reports on a monthly basis (i.e. Brogan data, McKesson reports, etc.). • Proactively identify specific market trends and initiate recommendations to marketing team. • Monitor performance and trends relative to competitor products. • Keep track of key brand metrics (active patient enrollments, discontinuations, total YTD sales, sales force efficiency, etc.). • Monitor impact of key investments, projects and initiatives through systematic ROI analysis models. Qualitative data: • Develop and coordinate qualitative market research projects (i.e. attitudes and usage surveys, perceptual mapping, etc.). • Analyze sales force reports and collect all pertinent information (competitive info, anecdotal feedback, emerging trends in the field). • Scan specialized and public sources of information (internet, publications, magazines, etc.) and report all pertinent information to internal stakeholders. • Foster and coordinate any initiative to collect competitive information through sales force or other external partners. • Participate in sales forecasting exercise. General: • Coordinate and communicate with specialized external vendors. • Offer support to internal partners (prepare slides, analyze reports, etc.).

Specific knowledge

"Bachelor degree in administration (or related field).•Previous experience in a sales or marketing function, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry or in market research / business intelligence.OTHER••Ability to analyze detailed and complex quantitative market data / strategic approach / Problem solving skills•Proven expertise in coordinating and communicating qualitative market research.•Strong aptitude to turn raw data into useful information.•Demonstrated ability to adapt to a rapidly-evolving environment and to different communication style that may be required.•Results oriented•Customer oriented•Strong capacity to manage priorities •Bilingual (French & English)"

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