Patient reimbursement specialist

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Permanent position
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 In this position you will be responsible for patient assistance in relation to reimbursement access (facilitating interactions between patients/insurance providers/caregivers/nurses/ pharmacists/physicians).


In details you will have to:


Research the patient’s current drug coverage information, probe to understand their concerns and their needs, and then advocate on behalf of the patient for reimbursement access from private or public programs, or a combination of both.


Assist physicians and other HCPs in completing prior authorization forms.


Perform Financial Means Tests to patients in order to assess them for co-payment assistance.


Provide Visa authorizations to pharmacies for patients in the co-payment assistance program.


Coordinate all requests for compassionate or bridge drug when there is a break in therapy or a delay in securing coverage.


Ensure timely and accurate database input and execution of new Patient programs


Follow-up with reimbursement renewals, if required.


Timely follow-up with registrants of the support programs to ensure compliance on therapy.


Take part in the execution of special consumer and patient projects such as surveys and marketing research.


Capture and record all Adverse Events and Adverse Drug reactions reported by all callers to the Patient Programs.


 Handle all patient contacts promptly, professionally and compassionately, with the end result of meeting their individual needs.


Gather and deliver up to date medical information and update current patient information.

Specific knowledge

Post-secondary education required, preferably a B. Sc. or Registered Nurse


Fully bilingual (written and spoken) in French and English preferred. 


Two years customer care experience preferably in a medical or insurance field.


Preferred past experience communicating with healthcare professionals or providing educational support.


Ability to multi-task with ease.


Highly organized, patient-focused, team member

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