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Français, English


Our client, a leader in manufacturing capital equipment for the hospital environment is looking for an Hospital Specialist based in the GTA area (Ontario).

In this role the candidate will have to successfully navigate a complex and politically delicate healthcare system to strongly influence embracement/adoption of new clinical practice guidelines and ensure compliance herewith.

The major challenge of the role is to support the sales objectives through ensuring the clinical study initiatives are successfully implemented. This involves a great degree of diplomacy and persuasion. The persuasion must be relationship based and particularly anchored by strong specific medical scientific knowledge (acquired knowledge and expertise is acceptable if candidate has successful experience in another highly complex medical domain).


  1. The Hospital Specialist is responsible for obtaining the geographic sales objectives through ensuring clinical studies and evaluations are ultimately successful through appropriate navigation of healthcare system and particularly positively affecting the correct engagement of the key stakeholders (I.e. Medical Microbiologists, Infectious Disease physicians, Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs, Pharm D’s, health network managers and executives (CFO, GM).
  2. The Hospital Specialist has no direct reports though must collaborate very effectively with clinical Account Managers, Marketing within the Canadian Subsidiary and Medical Affairs forNorth America.


1) Understand Health Network (SCN etc.):

Gain in depth knowledge of terrain to be navigated

2) Develop Action Plans/Solutions for Health Network:

Develop action plan to successfully navigate through

3) Establish and Develop Rapport with Health Network Key Stakeholders: 

Develop effective relationships with those who will impact positive outcomes – both on a medical/scientific as well as business level.

4) Convincingly Persuade Key Clinicians of Our Solution:

Using relationship skills and medical scientific knowledge to persuade key clinicians to adapt current practice to embrace our best practice solution

5) Vigilantly Monitor Progress and Intervene as Required:

Keep finger on  the pulse of  progress of our clinical studies and evaluations – intervene as necessary to optimize outcomes.

6) Collaborate Effectively with Key bioMérieux Stakeholders:

Act as a valued and trusted partner with the Account Managers, Marketing and Medical Affairs

7) Deliver Commercial Objective for Defined Geography:

Largely activity base as delineated, however there will also be a revenue target which will be an integral component of defining success in the role.

8) Maintain High Degree of Medical/Scientific Knowledge

Proactively seek out all literature and available knowledge on our solutions as well as customers challenges to be able to communicate at an extremely effective level

Connaissances spécifiques


  • University degree in Business or Science
  • Specific experience influencing key clinical stakeholders
  • Specific experience navigating through health networks
  • Proven ability to learn, communicate and persuade on complex medical/scientific issues (I.e. specific experience with commercial side of complex medical disease states, scientific basis for solutions)
  • Proven ability to forge powerfully effective relationships with key stakeholders
  • Medical/Scientific knowledge and ability to use that knowledge to persuade
  • Business acumen, ethical ambition to over achieve
  • Very good communication skills (French & English)
  • Exceptional negotiation skills



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