Head of Research

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Permanent position
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As Head of Research, the successful candidate will work closely with internal customers to deliver solutions for Biophotonic research, including new chemical entities and their related physiological roles for the company biophotonic products and product candidates.

Roles and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

- Synthesis, formulation, characterization and performance testing of high performance materials.

- Planning, designing, and leading experimentation for related physiological activities.

- Hands on operations of laboratory equipment will be an essential part of this position.

- Oversee and manage a team of laboratory personnel.

Specific knowledge

Basic Qualifications:

- Currently possess  Ph.D. in a chemistry or science discipline from an accredited university - More than 3 years related experience in photonics - Solid track record of more than 5 years related experience in chemistry/chemical physiology.  Previous experience with HPLC/GC-MS/LC-MS

Preferred Qualifications: - Possesses a  Ph.D. in Chemistry from an accredited university - Excellent written and oral communications skills are essential - Must be able to lead, to work well both in multi-disciplinary teams and independently - Dynamic and thrives in an entrepreneurial setting- Must have a solid management experience.

-Must be bilingual English-French

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