National Education and Marketing Manager

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Permanent position
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National Education and Marketing Manager, Canada Title and key responsibilities: • Title: o National Education and Marketing Manager, Canada • Key Responsibilities: o Manage KOLs, speakers and mentors:  Develop our existing and increase the number of Canadian speakers. o Develop nationwide education and marketing plan:  Field visits with sales reps, clinicians, dental organizations and societies.  Identify educational opportunities. o Manage & set up educational events: o Develop plan for maximizing attendance for optimum results:  Coordinate plan with feedback from sales representatives.  Responsible for event advertisement and attendance. o Communicate to all members of Biomet 3i of event information. o Attend educational events to ensure high quality and consistency. o Post program follow-up:  Next day email to attendees, followed by a 2 week and 1 month message. o Coordinate Speakers at national events. o Communicate all areas of education/marketing with global HQ (Florida):  Website inclusion.  Speaker coordination.  Generate all NADs forms & related paperwork. o Advise NSM on expense budgeting related to education and marketing.

Specific knowledge

Bilingualisme, expereince in the dental field, willing to travel extensively accross Canda. Dynamic, eager to learn and stron interpersonnal skills!

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