Medical Advisor

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Job Type
Permanent position
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Propose a medical strategy within the Brand Team and execute as defined in the Brand Plan.
• Build brand-aligned Medical activities, according to local resources and regulations.
• Sustain professional and credible relationships with KOLs/ academic centers and ensure that the medical value messages on the products/ areas of therapeutic interest are conveyed.
• Identify topics of interest among healthcare professionals and work with collaborative clinical groups to define Medical / scientific programs and activities including conducting Advisory Boards where appropriate.
• Co-manage national Clinical Education programs and ensure the validity of the scientific content.
• Manage local clinical/scientific programs in line with Brand Team and corporate requirements and ensure publication of the results of programs according to the brand publication plan. 

Ability to…
• Produce & deliver presentations incorporating technical data for external communication, and generally to communicate complex clinical & scientific value statements to a scientific and non-scientific audience.
• Constructively criticize and evaluate clinical information and publications.
• Make and develop senior level contacts, and through persuasive communication to build a positive view of the clinical value of client products.
• Negotiate contracts with individual program participants and with organizations involved in working with client on clinical and scientific programs and clinical education activities to reach mutually satisfactory arrangement.

Specific knowledge

Graduate studies (Ph.D., MD, Pharm. D.)
• 3+ years of experience in this role
• 5+ years’ experience in the pharmaceuticals industry, clinical/scientific experience in a relevant therapy area.
• Academic and professional scientific background, including 2-3 years’ experience of clinical & scientific research and/ or education programs.
• Demonstrated experience of managing clinical/ scientific programs with a high degree of autonomy, including successfully managing significant programs from start to finish (publication). High level specialist academic/professional of the specific therapy area.
• Familiarity with GCP, pharm industry international & local SOPS.
• Knowledge of approval process for clinical programs and outcomes.
• Understanding of clinical and statistical research methods.
• Knowledge of the processes involved in clinical /scientific research publication

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