Medical Advisor

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Job Type
Permanent position
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• Propose a medical strategy within the Brand Team and execute as defined in the Brand Plan.
• Build brand-aligned Medical activities, according to local resources and regulations.
• Sustain professional and credible relationships with KOLs/ academic centers and ensure that the medical value messages on the products/ areas of therapeutic interest are conveyed.
• Identify topics of interest among healthcare professionals and work with collaborative clinical groups to define Medical / scientific programs and activities including conducting Advisory Boards where appropriate.
• Co-manage national Clinical Education programs and ensure the validity of the scientific content.
• Manage local clinical/scientific programs in line with Brand Team and corporate requirements and ensure publication of the results of programs according to the brand publication plan. 

Ability to…
• Produce & deliver presentations incorporating technical data for external communication, and generally to communicate complex clinical & scientific value statements to a scientific and non-scientific audience.
• Constructively criticize and evaluate clinical information and publications.
• Make and develop senior level contacts, and through persuasive communication to build a positive view of the clinical value of client products.
• Negotiate contracts with individual program participants and with organizations involved in working with client on clinical and scientific programs and clinical education activities to reach mutually satisfactory arrangement.

Specific knowledge

• Graduate studies (Ph.D., MD, Pharm. D.)
• 3+ years of experience in this role
• 5+ years’ experience in the pharmaceuticals industry, clinical/scientific experience in a relevant therapy area.
• Academic and professional scientific background, including 2-3 years’ experience of clinical & scientific research and/ or education programs.
• Demonstrated experience of managing clinical/ scientific programs with a high degree of autonomy, including successfully managing significant programs from start to finish (publication). High level specialist academic/professional of the specific therapy area.
• Familiarity with GCP, pharm industry international & local SOPS.
• Knowledge of approval process for clinical programs and outcomes.
• Understanding of clinical and statistical research methods.
• Knowledge of the processes involved in clinical /scientific research publication.

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