Medical Science Liaison MSL

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Permanent position
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Reporting to the Medical Advisor, the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) serves to advance science and standards of care for patients, healthcare providers and payers, and ensure they can access all the practical and clinically relevant information and solutions they need to use their products efficiently and safely.  Collectively, they work to make a remarkable impact on patient care around the world. 

MSLs are key members of the affiliate medical department.  These field-based roles focus on medical and scientific engagement with the company’s stakeholders (including research and healthcare professionals, payers, and providers).The focus of this role is on interacting with, and supporting the needs of Tier 1 and 2 thought leaders.  MSLs work to communicate information and facilitate dialogue about marketed products, and compounds in development, in a strictly scientific, non-promotional manner, and in full compliance with applicable national laws and regulations, guidelines, codes of conduct, company’s policies and procedures and accepted standards of best practice. 

The MSL serves to enhance the scientific credibility of the Company with established and emerging National and Regional thought leaders, by supporting scientific dialogue and collaborations in the areas of research, medical and scientific exchange, including facilitation of requests for scientific and medical information.  MSLs also participate in the initiation, oversight and follow-up of clinical studies and medical projects initiated within the Medical Department, ensuring that activities are carried out in accordance with relevant processes and procedures.  They also interface with other key members of the affiliate medical department - for example: Medical Managers, Medical Advisers, Clinical Research Managers and functions such as Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Market Access and others as appropriate - relevant to the therapeutic area for which the MSL has responsibility, and work collaboratively and cross-functionally with other in-field members while retaining functional independence.

Specific knowledge

  • Graduate studies: Pharm. D., MD, Ph.D. in a relevant scientific discipline is preferred but candidates with an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline and demonstrated experience will be considered.
  • 3 to 5 years of relevant experience

  • Solid knowledge of the pharmaceutical environment and the role of Medical Affairs to advance the medical and scientific objectives of a pharmaceutical company.

  • Demonstrated expertise in the scientific methods applied to clinical research and current legislative/regulatory controls applicable to this research.

  • Ability to comprehensively learn about new subject areas and environments.

  • Excellent written and spoken communication and presentation skills, with a demonstrated ability to develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships with thought leaders, physicians and other healthcare decision makers.

  • High customer orientation, ie Patient centric

  • Strong commitment to compliance with the relevant rules and procedures, and to scientific quality and integrity

  • Available to travel internationally

  • Bilingual (English & French written and oral).


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